The Legacy

During the last few decades of british rule, when Kurnool was the erstwhile capital of Andhra Pradesh, Late Sri G PullaReddy Garu, a school drop-out, came to Kurnool from a nearby village with bare hands, but with a heart full of confidence. With the great support and idea of his uncle Sri Kasireddy, GPR commenced a small sweet shop in the old town-market of Kurnool.

GPR hired a cook to prepare sweets, not satisfied with the taste he himself started making sweets in his house. Four months of relentless practice resulted in making culinary recipes, even the cook was amazed. This is when Sri GPR realized that one should not compromise with quality but should master the art.

Sweets made by him costed almost 50% more, compared to other shops for the first two years. This is because the quality of ingredients and pure ghee used. Sri GPR had a hard time convincing customers about price. However, people experienced the real taste of quality, and there was no turning back.

After five years, Sri GPR shifted to Hyderabad (newly formed capital) and took a building for rent in Abids station road. At that time, it was the FIRST TELUGU sweet shop, as only Muslim and North-Indian sweet shops were in existence.

Today, we’re a Retail chain comprising 10 outlets and a customer footfall of 5000+ per day. We take pride to say that no one misses purchasing sweets to their family and friends on their visit to Hyderabad. Even to this day, Auto-walas invariably ask the question “Mithai dukaan pe rokna hai kya?”.